Genuine Parts

…have been specifically designed for your vehicle. They are equal in quality and specifications to factory fitted parts guaranteeing best performance, safety and reliability at all times.

What are your benefits?

Genuine parts… the original condition, thus maintaining your car‘s value.
...are extremely durable and offer excellent value for money over the entire vehicle lifecycle.

...always fit perfectly, ensuring short repair times.
...are quickly supplied to the service network, reducing vehicle downtime.

...are built to the highest standards.
...integrate seamlessly with other components of your vehicle.

Genuine Wiper Blades

Aerodynamic Design Wiper Blades

High quality wiper blades ensure clear vision at any weather, thus increasing both driving safety and comfort.

The blades have been designed specifically for your car’s windscreen and offer optimal performance all year round. They have been thoroughly tested in extreme weather conditions and offer consistently premium performance.


The integrated spoiler (A) and the bracketless design of the wiper blade guarantee a high level of contact pressure to maximise the wipe efficiency. As a consequence aerodynamic design wiper blades resist the lift-off effect at high speed and generate low levels of wind noise. The integrated Evodium spring strip (B) offers a high level of stability. Thanks to the graphite coating of the wiper blade lip (C), friction is reduced and the wiper blade glides smoothly.

Wiper blades are exposed to extreme variations in temperature, UV radiation, aggressive windscreen washer fluids, insects and mechanical strains caused by wind and weight of snow. For best quality it is recommended to change the wiper blades every 12 months.

Differences between Conventional Wiper Blades and Aerodynamic Wiper Blades

Conventional wiper blades

use brackets to press the rubber lip against the windscreen. These wiper blades show significant strain focused around the brackets. Through these single pressure points conventional blades can show wipe function failures such as streaks or unwiped areas once worn.

The bracketless design of flat blades

protects the sensitive rubber lip as strain is distributed evenly across the whole length of the blade. As a result aerodynamic wiper blades combine superior wiping quality with a longer lifespan.

Aerodynamic Wiper Blade Set

All aerodynamic design wiper blades come as a set of driver side and passenger side wiper blade. They are a replacement for the factory fitted wiper blades as well as an upgrade option for conventional wiper blades.


Genuine Battery

Every trip starts with a good battery

Modern cars require high levels of energy from the electrical system. When the winter period arrives, the car battery and starter/alternator system need to work harder and if they are not in top condition this can present additional problems.

Cars with start/stop function require very high performance batteries and it is absolutely essential that the AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery is in perfect condition in order to benefit from the fuel economy the system offers. All Hyundai and KIA workshops have the right tools to test and to charge AGM batteries. Battery testing and charging are now more important than ever before!

Genuine batteries

Many battery product offerings are flooding the market and batteries can be bought almost everywhere. However, the quality of the batteries offered online or from non-authorized workshops varies significantly. This can have a negative effect on the car’s performance and even lead to a breakdown. Quality becomes an important differentiator.

Genuine batteries are the best choice for every Hyundai or KIA vehicle to ensure optimum performance and peace of mind.

Advantages of genuine batteries

The genuine battery range consists of top-quality batteries built to the highest standards. They are aligned with modern vehicles requirements, including units featuring AGM battery technology for models with start/stop functionality. The new collection also includes wet lead-acid batteries with calcium-calcium expanded metal grids, which deliver a steady performance over their exceptionally long life. With minimal electrolyte consumption, limited self-discharging and solid corrosion protection, these batteries are absolutely maintenance-free. Combined with the 3-years warranty the genuine battery range provides an excellent value for money.

Vehicle breakdown cause No.1 – Battery

Every year, the vehicle breakdown statistics of major European automobile clubs tell the same story. In most of the cases the vehicle failure is due to problems with the starter battery. Quite often, the failure occurs because the battery has not been maintained on a regular basis or has not been replaced in time. This issue is quite common within the whole automotive environment and not related to any specific car brand or model.

Genuine Bulbs


Road safety starts with seeing and being seen.

The Hyundai and Kia genuine bulbs produce a powerful and precise light projection, with maximum output combined with long lasting performance. The standard bulbs cover all vehicles of Hyundai and KIA with high-quality lamps and at good value prices.

Premium bulbs

Discover the premium head lamp bulb range, available in H1 and H7, with options from LongerLife to the powerful VisionPlus with 60% more light* on the road. For those who look for the trendy blue effect, choose BlueVison Ultra, its Xenon ultimate effect guarantees to turn heads. Consult your dealer or vehicle hand book to select the correct head lamp for your car.

The Xenon Standard lamp, available in D1S, D2R and D3S, offers 200% more light* on the road and its new single-lamp replacement technology matches instantly the color of the unchanged lamp.


Lifetime x3
Changing car lamp may be very time-consuming. We are committed to providing the highest quality lighting solutions to minimize this maintenance.

Available in H1 / H4 / H7

60% more light
VisionPlus provides 60% more light* on the road. It makes it the ideal high-performance value proposition. Where high performance meets high value.

Available in H1 / H4 / H7
BlueVision Ultra

Xenon Ultimate Effect
Thanks to its unique Gradient Coating™ technology, BlueVision Ultra creates sharp Xenon effect in the headlight and provides 4.000 K bright white light on the road.

Available in H1 / H4 / H7
Xenon Standard

Ideal for replacement
Single lamp replacement technology – new Xenon lamp matches the color temperature of the old unchanged one.
- Economical
- Homologated 4.600 K

Available in D1S/D2R/D3S

  *compared to a standard lamp

Spare bulb kits

Bulbs always fail when they are needed most, especially at night time and when dealerships are closed. This could be a major safety risk for anyone on the road!

With our spare bulb kits you always have the correct bulbs and fuses on board.

Spare bulb kits are compulsory in some countries so be prepared with our H4 and H7 spare bulb kits for travelling around Europe.

Product Line 2


First choice after genuine

Product Line 2 was launched specifically for vehicles older than 3 years. This additional product line focuses on wear and tear parts. As these products have been developed directly by the car manufacturer or their genuine suppliers they have the same warranty conditions as genuine parts.

Saving cost, not quality

Product Line 2 parts offer matching quality to genuine parts at a lower price. This price advantage is mainly achieved by different specifications such as modified design and material matched to the requirements of older vehicles or reduced logistic costs. Customers benefit directly from this price difference.

Product Line 2 portfolio

Product Line 2 parts can be easily identified by “S” prefix in the genuine part number. The range of vehicles covered as well as the number of parts included in Product Line 2 is steadily expanding. Product Line 2 parts can be used for regular repairs of wear and tear parts, fitting first time and saving you both time and money.

Wholesale Trade

From now on Independent Motor Traders (IMTs) can easily find and order Hyundai and Kia genuine spare parts on partslink24.

Hyundai and Kia genuine spare parts are engineered according to rigid material specifications under strict quality control measures and are tested to meet or surpass specifications in order to ensure durability.

In order to enable Hyundai/Kia to provide full warranty coverage and guarantee quality and performance of Hyundai/Kia vehicles it is recommended to use Hyundai/Kia genuine spare parts when servicing or repairing a Hyundai/Kia vehicle.

Partslink24 is an online parts catalogue for the independent aftermarket for purchasing genuine spare parts from authorized dealers.
• Integration of 28 brands
• More than 7.2 million OE parts
• Available in 24 languages

With partslink24 IMTs are able to search and order genuine spare parts from authorized Hyundai and Kia dealers. IMTs pay a monthly fee for a license, which offers access to complete catalogues.

The key benefits for IMTs are the access to official parts catalogues and genuine spare parts without installing any software. For dealers partslink24’s key benefit is that it offers an additional sales channel which enables them to access new customers.

Below you can view a film that provides you additional information of partslink24.

Please note that National Sales Company might offer more detailed wholesale program in your market. MOBIS also offers more detailed multilevel wholesales program.

Genuine MOBIS Remanufactured Parts

Value for money. Genuine performance. Environmental friendly.

When you need a part for your Kia/Hyundai, ask your PDC/distributor/dealer about remanufactured parts from MOBIS. Developed to match OE specifications, they offer you the quality you expect at a very attractive price level.

What is remanufacturing?

The remanufacturing process starts with an old part, often referred to as “core”. During the remanufacturing process, the core is completely dismantled, cleaned and sorted. All wear and tear parts like bearings, shims, bushings and springs are replaced. The part is then 100% tested on proper function and packed for shipping. During the remanufacturing process, parts are often upgraded to the latest OES specification. Thus, remanufactured parts are often referred to “Good as new, maybe even better”.

As there are several different possibilities to bring an old part back to working conditions, it is important to know the differences, in order to understand the advantages of remanufactured parts:

• Recycled: Synonym for “used”. Part has been dismounted from an old (or maybe crashed) car. Tested for proper function, but very limited warranty conditions
• Repaired: Broken part where normally only the defect has been solved. Often sold with only 1 year warranty (if any).
• Rebuilt: Comparable to “Remanufactured”, but in most cases referring to manually “1 to 1” repairs for small batches. Typically used for classic car / modern classic car parts with very small volumes.

Benefits of Remanufactured Parts


With remanufactured parts from MOBIS, you have chosen to repair your car with parts that match OE quality and reliability.

Competitive Pricing & Environmental Aspect

Due to savings realized by lesser use of raw materials and energy, remanufactured parts are less expensive than new genuine parts. Additionally, the usage of cores reduces the amount of disposal.


Since remanufactured parts are based on already existing parts (cores), a remanufacturing can be done even if the production of both the car and the spare part has been discontinued.


Our trust in the quality of remanufactured parts by MOBIS results in granting them the same warranty conditions as new parts:

  • 24 Month
  • No mileage limitation

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