Tow bar, detachable

Detachable and above all dependable: You can rely on this corrosion-resistant steel tow bar to transport your cargo securely and efficiently. Featuring a 3-ball locking system, it can be simply detached. Maximum payload for bike carrier usage is 75 kg including bike carrier weight. Certified according to UNECE 55R.

Note: Tow bar cannot be installed on vehicles produced before 10.05.2018.

Fitting Time: 1.00 hour
Part Number: S1281ADE00
Accessory Color Silver Material Coated steel
Branded Yes (cap) Package Size No amos data
Warranty 3 years
  • Car Loading Standard Trailer Coupling (CARLOS TC) / Car Loading Standard Bike Carrier (CARLOS BC)
  • D-Value: 12.7 kN
  • Maximum towing capacity: 2500 kg (depending on vehicle variant)
  • Vertical Load (trailer): 100 kg
  • Vertical Load (bike carrier): 75 kg
  • Vertical detachable 3-ball locking system for easy and secure bottom mounting
  • Rust-protection: E-coated / KTL to OEM standard (480 hours salt spray resistant test)
  • Zinc-nickel tow ball coating for highest corrosion resistance (720h salt spray resistance test)
  • System is sealed when tow ball is in place, otherwise the shaft sleeve is protected by a special plug
  • Audible and visual indicators confirm safe connection
  • Manual retractable socket bracket, out of sight when tow ball not in use
  • Maintenance free detachable system
  • Lockable: tow ball can be locked and is protected by a dust cap when not attached
  • Dummy lock (tow ball will fall out when not correctly inserted)
  • Very low clearance of detachable system (no wear & tear)