Tow bar wiring kit, 13-pole

Only for vehicles with Trailer Package

Installation uses original vehicle connectors and a multifunctional trailer module which amplify all necessary signals. Compatible with both conventional bulb and LED trailer lights. The trailer lamps are controlled from the vehicle and the driver will be informed if trailer turn indicator, trailer tail or trailer brake lights are malfunctioning – additionally there is an audible warning in case of trailer turn indicator or brake light malfunction.

Available with a 13-pole waterproof socket housing.

The 13-pole based system is ready to manage all modern caravan functions. To ensure full functionality, +15/+30 is already included in the wiring.

Adapter is available to temporarily change 13-pole to 7-pole.
13-pole (vehicle) to 7-pole (trailer/ caravan) adapter: E919999137
Reference picture.

Note: Only for vehicles with “Trailer Package”, option code VGXD02. Please consult your dealer for all functions of these products and for the maximum towing load capacity for your vehicle.

Fitting Time: 1.00 hour
Part Number: N7621ADE00PC
Accessory Color Miscellaneous Material Plastic & others
Branded No Package Size No amos data
Warranty 3 years
  • OE connectors for Plug & Play connection 
  • Trailer module with all important features:
    1. Amplifying of all required signals
    2. C2 function for indicator and brake lamps on trailer (warning via buzzer when bulbs are broken)
    3. Fog lamp cut off
    4. Automatic park distance control (PDC) cut off for MPE PDC systems
    5. Bulb & LED lamps on trailer will be detected
    6. Waterproof socket +30 included
  • Safety feature: audible warning of failed broken trailer turn indicator lamps (legal requirement in Germany, Austria and UK. Future standard for rest of Europe).