Hyundai Gold Pack - Glasscoat

Protects exterior surfaces from the effects of pollution, solvents, road salt, car washes and bird deposits. Waxing no longer required. Interior Glasscoat treatment coats carpets and upholstery with effective hypoallergenic PTFE protection from everyday dirt and stains.

Please note that the single part numbers refer only to MSDS and cannot be ordered separately from the pack:

Note: Glasscoat to be applied after installation of styling or protection foils on the car.

  • Body decals
  • Door mirror decals
  • Door handle recess protection foils
  • Door sill protection foils
  • Car protection foils
  • Rear bumper protection foils

Fitting Time: 0.00 hour
Part Number: LP982APE1GOLH
Accessory Color Material
Branded Package Size 347mm x 175mm x 415mm