Grand Santa Fe (MY16)  
Summer screen wash 1:100 concentrate (40 ml)  

Summer screen wash 1:100 concentrate (40 ml)

The Genuine Summer Screen Wash with its high concentration ratio of 1:100 is an economical product, manufactured with a special blend of cleaning surfactants to prevent streaking, eliminates glare and oily films, provides crystal clear vision and removes stubborn insects or other contaminations. When the content of a 40ml bottles has been entered into the washer tank it can be diluted up to 4 litres. Perfumed with the flavor of peaches, a refreshing fragrance is given to the passenger's area.
This product is also available as Hyundai Genuine Summer Car Care Kit (LP974APE102H) together with other summer care accessories.
For safety and more information, please refer to MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) below:

Fitting Time: 0.00 hour
Part Number: LP974APE101H
Accessory Color N/A Material N/A
Branded Hyundai Package Size 142mm x 141mm x 280mm
Warranty 3 years