Tow bar wiring kit, 13-pole

Installation uses original vehicle connectors and a multifunctional trailer module which amplify all necessary signals. Compatible with both conventional bulb and LED trailer lights and featuring audible warning of trailer turn indicator or brake light malfunction. The rear fog lamp of the vehicle is automatically switched off when a trailer is connected.

Available with a 13-pole waterproof socket housing.

The 13-pole based system is prepared to manage all modern caravan functions, in order to use its full functionality please additionally order +15/+30 extension kit 55621ADE01.

Adapter is available to temporarily change 13-pole to 7-pole.
13-pole (vehicle) to 7-pole (trailer/ caravan) adapter: E919999137

Reference picture.

For vehicles with LED please order the extension kit with the P/N: C8622ADE00LED additionally.

Note: For i20 MY18 applicable for LHD vehicles only.

Fitting Time: 1.50 hour
Part Number: C8621ADE00CP
Accessory Color Misc Material Plastic, others
Branded No Package Size 215mm x 95mm x 294mm
Warranty 3 years
  • Restricted application: only bulb type tail lights +15/+30 only prepared; for +15/+30 --> extension kit 55621ADE01
  • EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility)