Charging cable, Mode 3

Only for vehicles with 3 Phase charging option

Fast charging your new electric vehicle could not be easier and faster. The charging cable, Mode 3 can be used to charge your electric vehicle from public charge points and private charging points equipped with Type 2 sockets. Applicable also for plug-in Hybrid vehicles.

- 32 Ampere
- Length: 5m

Fitting Time: 0.00 hour
Part Number: 66632ADE013A
Accessory Color Gray Material PUR
Branded Yes Package Size No amos data
Warranty 3 years
Phases 3-Phase
Voltage 480V
Current 32A
Charging Power up to 22kW
Plugs Type 2 - Type 2
Charging Mode Mode 3
Weight 3500 g
Cable Lenght 5m
Color Gray
Operating Temperature -30°C up to +50°C
Cable Material PUR