Sorento (MY12)  
Kia Silver Pack - Glasscoat  

Kia Silver Pack - Glasscoat

The advanced formula of Kia Glasscoat bonds the protective coating to your Kia’s paintwork to provide unrivalled durability. The glass-like ceramic finish is impervious to temperature extremes and chemical solvents. Better still, the coating actually toughens with age! No other vehicle protection product works in this way.
Kia Glasscoat repels liquids and is extremely resistant to acid rain, pollution, solvent and road salt. It also shrugs off the harsh effects of mechanical car washing and bird lime deposits. Unlike traditional wax or polymer sealants, once applied, Kia Glasscoat removes the need for waxing. Simply wash away the dirt and grime regularly to maintain a showroom shine.

Please note that the single part numbers refer only to MSDS and cannot be ordered separately from the pack:

  • Glasscoat Ceramic Shampoo LP982APE1CSHK
  • Glasscoat Fabric/Leather Cleaner LP982APE1FLCK
  • Glasscoat Glassclean LP982APE1GCLK

Note: Glasscoat to be applied after installation of styling or protection foils on the car.

  • Body decals
  • Door mirror decals
  • Door handle recess protection foils
  • Door sill protection foils
  • Car protection foils
  • Rear bumper protection foils

Fitting Time: 0.00 hour
Part Number: LP982APE1SILK
Accessory Color Material
Branded Package Size 70mm x 30mm x 170mm
Warranty 3 years