Kia Original Oil, 5L

Kia Original Oils are engineered to precise and exact standards by Kia, matching the original specification of Kia vehicles. 
Available in a range of formulas, including 0W30 C2, 5W30 C3 & A3/B4, 5W40 and 10W40, the new lubricants are suitable for over 95% of Kia vehicles, from economical 1.0-litre T-GDi (turbocharged gasoline direct injection) engines in many of the brand’s more compact vehicles to the high-performance 3.3-litre T-GDi engine found in the Stinger. 
The new Kia lubricants ensure fuel economy, maximize efficiency and boost engine perfomance of Kia gasoline and diesel internal combustion engines.

ACEA/API Specifications Part Number
0W30 ACEA C2 LP0420W30C205K
5W30 ACEA C3 LP0425W30C305K
5W30 ACEA A5/B5 LP0425W30A5B505K
5W40 ACEA A3/B4 LP0425W40A3B405K
10W40 ACEA A3/B4 LP04210W40A3B405K

Fitting Time: 0.00 hour
Part Number: LP042xxxxx5L
Accessory Color Material
Branded Package Size No amos data