ProCeed GT (MY19)  
Body decals, racing stripes, glossy red  

Body decals, racing stripes, glossy red

Add extra sportiness and a sense of speed to your ride with sleek and aerodynamic lines. The top-quality decals are precision-cut to fit the contours of your Ceed / XCeed and are available in glossy black, glossy red or matt white. Resistant to extreme climatic conditions and frequent carwash use. Professional fitting by an expert is recommended.

Fitting Time: 1.00 hour
Part Number: J7200ADE00RD
Accessory Color Red Material PVC
Branded No Package Size No amos data
Warranty 3 years
  • Weather resistant over 3 years
  • Durable, self-adhesive film
  • Application temperature: +8°C minimum (air and substrate)
  • Service temperature: -40°C to +95°C