Spare wheel kit

Be prepared even for the unforeseen moments. This kit contains a set of tools required for a spare tyre change. The kit also includes an alloy wheel to safely bring you to the next workshop. Tyre not included.

Components of the kit:

Car jack 09110B1000
Wheel-nut wrench 091313B010
Jack-bar 091323B000
Spanner/Wrench 091351E000
Screw driver 0914611110
Towing-eye 091473M000
Alloy wheel 16" 52910G5120
Tyre Valve 5293331300
Spare-tyre clamp 628503X000

Fitting Time: 0.00 hour
Part Number: G5F40AK910
Accessory Color Misc. Material
Branded Package Size No amos data