Floor mats, standard, RHD

Matching the quality and design of the interior, these mats are made from hardwearing needle felt and held securely in place. The driver's mat has the Carens logo and a reinforced heel pad that helps care for your shoes. For extreme weather conditions it is recommended to use the genuine all weather mats.
Set of 4

Fitting Time: 0.05 hour
Part Number: A4141ADE10
Accessory Color Black Material PP (650g/m², PP needle felt yarn weight)
Branded Yes Package Size 518mm x 36mm x 664mm
Warranty 3 years
  • Abrasion and fogging resistant
  • Uses available vehicle fixation hooks
  • Woven logo on driver mat
  • Uniquely functional shape of heel pad
  • Granulate backing
  • This product does not require a homologation document