Tucson (2016)  
Tow bar, vertical detachable  

Tow bar, vertical detachable

A high quality steel tow bar with a 3-ball locking system for easy and secure discrete underside mounting. Out of sight when not in use. Certified according to UNECE 55R. Consult your dealer for the maximum payload of the bike carrier usage.

Vertical Load (bike carrier): 55 kg for
VIN: TMAJ?81???J<282241
Vertical Load (bike carrier): 75 kg for
VIN: TMAJ?81???J>=282241

Important tow bar information
Maximum towing load capacity will depend on your car’s specification. Please consult your dealer for further information. All Hyundai Tucson Genuine tow bars are corrosion resistant, certified by ISO 9227NSS salt spray test, and comply with OE Car Loading Standard (CARLOS) Trailer Coupling (TC) and Bike Carrier (BC) requirements.

Fitting Time: 0.75 hour
Part Number: D7281ADE00
Accessory Color Silver Material Coated steel
Branded Yes Package Size 400mm x 190mm x 1120mm
Warranty 3 years